Xanadu Jr. BYTESized Productions June 2018

JUNE 2018

Albury Entertainment Centre

The choice of Xanadu Jr., the hilarious send up of the 1980 movie of the same name, made famous by such world renowned show biz identities as Olivia Newton John and dance legend Gene Kelly, was a step away from previous hugely successful BYTYESized shows which had focussed on Disney productions (Beauty and the Beast Jr., The Little Mermaid Jr., Peter Pan Jr. and Alladin Jr.) or Dreamworks musicals (Shrek Jr).  While Xanadu Jr. was a less well known musical, the choice was deliberate said co-directors Lachlan Murray and Lauren Schmutter, to allow the young cast to develop their own characters without being influenced by movie versions of the shows.

Featured Photos

Check out some wonderful photos from the show, rehearsals and a  bunch of other photos and images used to bring our show to the stage.  With thanks to all the photographers, especially Jessica Wilson and to the team at ArtsWeb Media.