Disney's Aladdin JR.

albury entertainment centre


Directors: Jeremy Zuber and Claire Moodie
Vocal Director: Merryn Thorp
Choreographer: Cait Clarke
Production Manager: Ben Wilson

3 Shows Only

october 16 &17

BYTESized Productions is excited to present this new and updated version of the Disney classic.

Aladdin JR. is an all new show, based on the recent hit Broadway adaptation of the Disney animated classic. With classic songs such as “Friend Like Me,” and “A Whole New World,” as well as recent Broadway hits such as “Those Palace Walls,” and “Proud of Your Boy,” this new adaptation of the beloved story will “fly” onto the big stage of the Albury Entertainment Centre this May.

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Tickets are available through the Albury Entertainment Centre online, via the phone on (02) 6043 5610 or at the box office in Swift St.  AEC adds a booking fee of $2.60 to all tickets.

Cast List


Harrison Aldridge
Kyan Assi
Hannah Baldock
Oskar Baldwin
Maisy Barton
Jenna Barton
Caleb Bertram
Sophie Bertram
Florie Bosquet
Macy Cameron
Jade Chanter
Savannah Clarke
Mac Clifford
Dakota Denyer
Kate Edinborough
Tom Edinborough
Isaac Finlayson
Poppy Gray
Rory Harrap

John Holt
Zalja-Anne Holt
Rhylie Jones
Kostas Klironomakis
Sarah Marsh
Amiani May
Lochlan Moffat
Georgie Rootsey
Olive Russell
Connor Skillicorn
Mia Swift
Sahara Thorp
Cohen Thorp
Felicity Tomkins
Connor Wall
Molly Wileman
Georgia Wilson
Sebastian Wilson
Isla Wiseman
Sadie Wiseman