Frozen Jr.

June 23, 24 & 25

BYTESized Productions was excited to bring to the stage one of the world’s most loved musicals – especially produced for young audiences.

After an epic 3 days and almost 180 auditions we finally had a cast.  The audition team of Lauren Schmutter, Niki Strauss, Chantelle Hutchins and our audition consultant Matt Gill were blown away by the talent they saw over the entire weekend.  We really could have cast the show 3 times over and we would like to thank everyone that came to auditions.  It is such a shame we were unable to cast you all and hope to see you again next year.



Tickets are available through the Albury Entertainment Centre online, via the phone on (02) 6043 5610 or at the box office in Swift St.  

Cast List


Lilly Cautela
Annabelle Tan
Caitlyn Turner
Celine Bellerose
Charlie Cook
Charlie Hawkins
Charlie McCormack
Chloe Bounader
Claire Bremner
Courtney Isaac
Cove Taylor
Dakota Denyer
Eden Hutchins
Edith Honeyman-Taylor
Elijah Delemontex
Elizabeth Murray
Emily Murphy
Evan Sergi
Georgia Wilson
Hana Booth

Henry Karslake
Imogen Bell
Ivy Azzi
Ivy Suster
Jackie Leek
Jasmine Gordes
Lara Roberts
Lily van Duinen
Lyla Pizzey
Mabelle Strauss
Mackenzie Scott
Matilda McKinley
Max Sampson
Mia McEachern
Mia Swift
Patience Joss
Savannah Bandsma
Seb Wilson
Sophie Bertram
Sydney Bellerose
Tiffany Monte